Two days = One Pool Completely Renovated


When you have a cracked, heaved, ugly pool or even no existing deck, don’t jump to conclusions thinking that it’s beyond repair. A Granulated Rubber Surface will completely cover and restore even the most heavily damaged concrete, asphalt, or even gravel.

 We have personally restored several pools that other pool contractors deemed beyond repair. With Rubber Surfacing you can avoid complete demolition and the hefty bill that comes with it.

 Concrete has its purpose: it makes a great base for Rubber. Concrete demolition is invasive, heavy equipment is used; it usually takes about three days to execute and a month to fully cure. Why replace it when it is likely to crack again? Stone-based products can’t flex making them susceptible to cracks caused by ground movement and freeze-thaw cycles.  

 Rubber can stretch, its safe, cost effective, looks great, requires no heavy equipment, and installs quickly. To renovate a pool deck we cut out the highs, fill in the lows using recycled tire rubber, and finish it off with a top-coat of high quality rubber granules.

 With the pool picture above we simply installed a 2" recycled rubber base coat,  a mixture of Recycled Rubber tires and product binder. The entire preparations and fill were completed in a single day. The next day we returned to complete the top coat and the pool was ready to be used the following day.

 I know we make it sound simple; it is when you have the right knowledge. Resilient Rubber Surfacing makes difficult installations easy by removing all the guess work and replacing it with tried and tested installation procedures that have proven results.

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