Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Rubber Surfacing?
A: Rubber Surfacing is TPV granulated rubber combined with a specially formulated binder. The two components are mixed at a specific ratio to produce a paste-like consistency that can be poured onto virtually any surface.
Q: Why use Rubber Surfacing?
A: The answer is simple, Rubber surfacing is a cost effective, beautiful, long lasting alternative to concrete, asphalt, interlock and other common surfaces. At the same time it is Safe, non-slip, impact absorbing, seamless, and flexible.
Q: Where can it be applied?
A: Rubber Surfacing can be applied directly over; wood, brick, asphalt, interlocking brick, concrete, steel, roofing membrane, and even over a crushed limestone or gravel base.
Q: What are the most common application types?
A: Rubber Surfacing is typically installed onto pool decks, patios, stairs, walkways, driveways, garage floors, splash pads, playgrounds, daycare play areas, and many other commercial and residential areas.
Q: What is the curing time?
A: Typically a Rubber Surfacing installation will be ready for foot traffic within 24 to 48 hrs
Q: How long does it last?
A: We have seen active Rubber Surfacing installations almost 28 yrs old. EPDM rubber had an incredible resilience to harsh weather. This is why most vehicle weather stripping is created from EPDM rubber
Q: How large of an area can be covered in a day?
A: Our highly trained, highly skilled installation crew is capable of installing upwards of 1500sq/ft in a single day.
Q: Is it difficult to maintain?
A: Maintaining a Rubber Safety Surface is easy,There is no regular maintenance required if it get spilled on or dirty it simply needs to be rinsed with a hose or pressure washer if desired.
Q: Does the snow and Ice affect it?
A:  You can use a shovel, snowblower, plow, ice melter, and salt without any affect to the rubber. 
Q: What does oil and gasoline do to the rubber surface?
A: Oil and gasoline have no adverse affect to the surface. Simply use soap and water to wash it away. 
Q: What about Chlorine? 
A: Our best surface cleaner is a strong Chlorine base. Chlorine will not affect it but if there is a concentrated spill it should be washed away and not left to stand.  
Q: Will sun fade the product over time?
A: A rubber surface will fade slightly over the course of 10-12 years but the colour will sustain. Most Rubber Surfacing granules are manufactured with UV colour stability agents which maintain the colour for many years. we use the most UV stable rubber granules available on the market today.
Q: How much does Rubber Surfacing cost?
A: A Rubber Surface installed by our professional, experienced technicians starts at $4 per square foot for recycled rubber and as low as $7.50 per square foot for Virgin rubber.