Playground and Splash Pad Safety Surfacing

Whether you are a municipality or you have a swing set or playground for your own children or you are considering a splash pad build, or you have an existing splash pad in need of repair, you’ve come to the right place.

Rubber Surfacing (Safety surfacing) provides your splash pad with unsurpassed wet-deck grip and safety. A Rubber Safety Surface is quickly becoming the industry standard for splash pad surface coatings. Rubber Surfacing greatly decreases the chance of injury and liability issues that typically arise from slip and falls, or surface abrasion. The Rubber Surface will eliminate trip hazards and provide comfort and grip to bare feet, optimizing enjoyment and minimizing injury.

Choosing the right Rubber Surfacing contractor is imperative in getting the correct results. There a number of common mistakes that we see coming up in municipal Rubber Surfacing projects. The most common areas of concern are de-lamination (when the Rubber Surface separates from the substrata causing tears); cracking (from improper base installation and ground movement); flaking and chipping of the Rubber Surface (generally caused by debris and/or poor quality rubber/binder); and smoothing (a naturally occurring smoothing of the rubber caused by foot traffic, water, and sand).

There are many ways to avoid these common concerns. Simply knowing about the multiple products on the market is essential. Choosing the correct materials for the job and climate are just some of the ways to avoid repairs and maximize the life of your Rubber Surface.

At Resilient Rubber surfacing we help you make the right decisions and assist you in every aspect of your Rubber Safety Surfacing project.

Take control of your investment and maximize your public works budget to provide your community with the best looking, safest, most functional surface on the market.

At Resilient Rubber Surfacing we are here for you every step of the way!