Recycled Rubber Surfacing

Recycled Rubber products are created with 100% recycled rubber that is granulated and mixed with special urethane binders, the mixture is then poured in place and troweled to a smooth, seamless, attractive finish, that is slip resistant and very durable as well as being environmentally friendly. Recycled rubber surfacing is commonly called rubber paving, safety surfacing, green paving, rubber paving or SBR rubber.

The cost of using recycled granules is relatively low in comparison to the standard EPDM granules that make up the surface top coat. While recycled tire rubber is not as resilient as EPDM, it is still incredibly durable, and able to withstand being shoveled, snow blown, salted, pressure washed, and even parked and driven on. Recycled Rubber Surfacing is approximately 40% cheaper than a concrete surface of the same size, and doesn't crack and flake like concrete.

When you need to fill large areas, recycled rubber is almost always used to bring the Surface level and smooth. Recycled rubber can be used for Driveways, Cart paths, Walkways, garage floors, Playgrounds and more, and can be installed over existing concrete, asphalt, interlocking brick, patio stones, gravel and even dirt. Recycled Rubber when used in playground applications can be used to create an impact absorbing cushion helping to reduce the likelihood of injuries.


What are the benefits of Recycled rubber  

  •    Lower cost
  •   Reduces landfill waste
  •   Reduces injuries playgrounds                                                                 
  •   Versatile, used in many different applications
  •   Wears better than stone-based products
  •   Flexibility reduces surface cracking and heaving
  •   Slip resistant
  •   Stays black 
  •   Spike resistant and provides better traction on cart paths  
  •   Environmentally friendly alternative to asphalt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Rubber Safety Surfacing just got Greener……